Breathe • Flow • Lengthen • Relax • Focus • Strengthen

EmJ Pilates

EmJ Pilates provides individualized Pilates instruction to people of all fitness levels, from the beginner to the advanced Pilates practitioner. Private sessions utilize Pilates apparatus and props and incorporate traditional mat work. EmJ Pilates blends classical Pilates methods with contemporary variations in both private sessions and group mat classes.

 Improve balance & posture.
 Strengthen and tone muscles.
 Build core strength & stability.
 Find flow & precision of movement.
 Promote balanced muscle development.
 Develop mind & body awareness.
 Control your breathing.
 Increase Flexibility.

EmJ Pilates offers Sport Specific Pilates

Pilates for Golf

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Pilates for Running

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Pilates for Swimming

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Play another sport? Pilates can help in cross training and in injury prevention. EmJ Pilates has experience working with swimmers, equestrians, cyclists, dancers and more! Most physical activities include some or all of the major athletic movements: pushing, pulling, running and jumping and Pilates incorporates similar movements in each workout. The full-body resistance training that Pilates provides encourages balanced muscle development so that weaker and deeper muscles get as much or more attention than those that are already overworked from the repetitive motion your body experiences in practicing your sport. Sessions are personalized to stretch what is tight, strengthen the underused muscles and to elongate and stabilize the muscles surrounding the spine. A supported spine gives an advantage to any athlete, because with better posture and a strong core comes more efficient movement. Focused attention on the breath also increases lung capacity, endurance and the ability to quiet the mind. Visualization techniques support mind-body connections that can translate into visualizing how the body will move on the court, on the field, in the pool, or on the course.